How much does an appointment cost?

Private Standard Concession
Initial consult $87 $83
Subsequent $78 $70
Extended initial consult $92 $85
Care Plan visits Standard gap fee Concession gap fee Medicare Rebate
$15.05 $7.05 $52.95


Charges for other procedures are available on request

Charges correct from 01/01/2019

We are aware that some patients are experiencing financial stress and so have in place Payment Plans. The patient sets the amount they are able to pay and that amount is deposited into the practice bank account on a fortnightly or monthly basis according to the Plan

Patients with private health can have their rebate paid directly to Quinns Podiatry via the HiCAPS terminal leaving only the gap between the appointment charge and the rebate to be paid on the day.

Payments can be made using:
Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Debit/EFTPOS card or cash