We are a patient centred practice taking time to listen to the individual’s podiatric concerns and at the same time ensure that we provide a very high standard of treatment whether performing a podiatric pedicure or a longer term treatment plan in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
Our Podiatrists are well qualified and experienced regularly attending seminars, workshops and Webinars to update and improve their knowledge and understanding of their profession so that they can provide the best possible treatment for every foot condition. The practice has a very good reputation amongst the referring doctors several of which are far from local. It was through our reputation that Glenn was asked by a referring doctor starting a new medical centre, to set up a new practice in the Drovers centre to run in conjunction with Quinns Podiatry.
Quinns Podiatry has grown from using a room in the physiotherapy practice in 1996 to having its own rooms in the same complex and is now a very busy practice.
Our current patients come from a wide variety of professions, from ballet dancers to FIFO workers, young children to the elderly (our youngest patient to date was 2 months old and the oldest 101 years old) with a wide variety of foot, ankle and lower limb concerns.